I thought I would throw together some of the funniest, most awkward and mortifying worship videos on youtube.

I know what you’re thinking. It’s not right to poke fun at worship leaders. But I only laugh because I have been in a similar situation at one time or another.

We have to laugh at each other, learn and improve. May these videos help us become less distracting, more skilled worship leaders!

10th funniest worship video: “Oceans” Drummer

This guy used to be in a death metal band. Now he’s redeemed — but his drums…well those are a work in progress. The lesson: audition new worship team members. Rehearse and catch issues before Sunday.

9th funniest worship video: the B Knuckle 7 chord

For keyboard players who don’t know the B Knuckle 7 chord yet, KevOnStage breaks it down for you in his tutorial for “I Am Determined”. The lesson: worship leaders should know their instrument before they go on stage.


8th funniest worship video: The Renewed Life is the Key to Very Bad Choreography

This is just wrong in so many ways. The lesson: don’t try too hard to be cool.

7th funniest worship video: Jesus is a Friend of Mine…but now he’s a little embarrassed to be seen with me.

I’m sure at some time in the early ’70s this was very cool. That time has passed. The lesson: stay up to date on relevant worship.

6th funniest worship video: Worship Leader takes a Bow

This worship leader recovers nicely. Not easy to do after losing your balance—and in front of Brian Doerksen no less. The lesson: sometimes you just got to keep going.

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5th funniest worship video: If you don’t drum right, this guy will roar

Ok this one’s not that funny, but it’s telling. This worship “leader” isn’t all that into mentorship. The lesson: if you want to lead worship, it means building teams. Building teams requires hanging in there with beginners.

4th funniest worship video: The power vested in me by the state of Arkansas to end this closing prayer as fast as possible

I can’t tell if this was staged or if this was a real closing prayer. Either way, don’t close your worship time like this…ever. The lesson: don’t just jabber because you’re on stage.

3rd funniest worship video: Any note you can sing I can sing higher.

I’m sure this gentleman has spiritual gifts, but leading worship isn’t one of them. You may need canine auditory nerves to pick up these frequencies. The lesson: don’t be afraid to tell those who audition for your worship team that they aren’t cut out for it.

2nd funniest worship video: Guide to a more contemporvant church

This parody of an ultra-modern worship service hits home for many of us. The lesson: don’t try to be more contemporvant than your church really is. Just be yourself as a worship team and church.

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And the funniest worship video is….

I personally love this one because it shows you what can happen in a live worship service – namely, anything!

And if it can happen to worship icon Martin Smith who has been doing this professionally for like 20 years – it can happen to any one of us.

So no matter what mistakes, blunders and screw-ups happen on stage, know that you are still honoring God by what you do. The lesson: be like Martin. Roll with it!

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