Worship Leader 101 Podcast

Worship Leader 101 PodcastThe Worship Leader 101 Podcast teaches you tips, tricks and hacks for leading worship. Whether you’re just starting out or have been a worship leader for decades, you can learn how to lead more effectively. I talk about building worship sets, being a volunteer, gear and tech, and how to recruit for your worship team. Ready to advance your calling? Let’s go.


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All Podcast Episodes & Show Notes:

Episode 37: What Happened to the Podcast? An Update On Where I Went
Episode 36: Stage Presence in Worship + Recording an Album with Colt Straub of Ovation Worship
Episode 35: How To Coach a Worship Team, Touring as a Worship Leader & More with Shawn Thomas
Episode 34: #1 Tip for Worship Songwriting, Accessibility vs Creativity with Nick Morrow of the band Mountaintops
Episode 33: Enhancing Your Worship Team’s Sound With Worship Pads – with Mike Graff of Coresound Pads
Episode 32: Church Sound, EQ, Worship Mix with Kade Young of Collaborate Worship
Episode 31: How To Reawaken Hymns In Your Church + Free, Easy Christmas Chord Charts
Episode 30: Take Your Acoustic Guitar Playing To The Next Level
Episode 29: Special Announcement!
Episode 28: Should High School Students Be Worship Leaders?
Episode 27: How To Write Worship Songs
Episode 26: How To Choose The Right Keys For Worship
Episode 25: How To Use Pads In Worship
Episode 24: How To Lead Worship In Youth Group
Episode 23: How To Cue The Congregation
Episode 22: 5 Pieces Of Gear Every Worship Leader Needs
Episode 21: 5 Ways To Find New Worship Songs For Your Church
Episode 20: How To Succeed As A Volunteer Worship Leader, Part 2
Episode 19: How To Succeed As A Volunteer Worship Leader, Part 1 
Episode 18: How Often Should You Introduce New Worship Songs?
Episode 17: Why You Should Serve On Another Worship Team
Episode 16: What Your Job Is & Isn’t As A Worship Leader
Episode 15: How To Recruit & Mentor New Worship Leaders
Episode 14: How To Introduce Tech Into Your Worship Ministry
Episode 13: 3 Reasons Introverts Should Pursue Worship Leading
Episode 12: 7 Tips For Better Worship Team Rehearsals
Episode 11: 5 Habits Of Successful Worship Leaders
Episode 10: How To Create Better Transitions For Worship
Episode 9: 4 Tips For Arranging Worship Songs
Episode 8: How To Build A Great Worship Set List
Episode 7:
10 Ways To Choose Good Worship Songs
Episode 6: 4 Places You Can Start Leading Worship Now
Episode 5: Best 5 Tips To Learn To Play By Ear
Episode 4: 5 Tips to Play & Sing at the Same Time
Episode 3: Best 4 Ways To Lead Worship If You Don’t Play An Instrument
Episode 2: Top 3 Instruments To Learn As A Worship Leader
Episode 1: Five Ways To Know If You’re Called To Be A Worship Leader