How to Lead Worship: A 14-Day Plan

You’ve always wanted to lead worship, but didn’t know where to start. Until now. This worship leader training PDF will get you leading worship in 14 days even if you don’t play an instrument, and have never led worship before.

Learn To Lead Worship In 14 Days - New Book by Tim Lucas


What you get

  • 80+ page PDF ebook
  • Printable PDF journal
  • Book outline for quick reference
  • 5-minute Music Theory Cheat Sheet

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What you’ll learn

  • Biblical worship: What is worship? Are you called to be a worship leader?
  • Music: Find out how to find accompanying music even if you don’t play an instrument
  • Songs: How to choose songs, keys, arrangements, and transitions
  • Schedule: When and where to lead worship, rehearsal planning, and more.

This book is for you if

  • You don’t know how to start leading worship
  • You’ve started, but need help as you build your skills
  • You’re an existing worship leader who needs a great training tool

A peek inside

Learn To Lead Worship In 14 Days Look Inside


“There are a lot of great insights that will help new and aspiring worship leaders get to the next level fast.” — Brad May,

“Getting started leading worship is a daunting task. In this book, Tim has created a blueprint for you to follow.” –Kade Young,

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