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The Best Worship Set List Ideas, Plus A Tool You Won’t Believe

Worship set list ideas are often hard to come by.

I should know. I led worship for 20 years as a volunteer in my local church. I certainly would have liked some help creating lists week after week.

But you don’t want to hear my story; you want to know how to get worship set ideas.

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Real Worship Set List Ideas

Here are a few worship set list ideas. Here’s how I construct worship sets:

  • Use a mix of older songs that your congregation knows
  • Introduce about one new song per month
  • I like to start the set with a fast worship song, come down in tempo for a couple songs, then end mid-tempo or with a powerful slow song.
  • Choose keys I can sing and that allow smooth transitions
  • Match song topics with the sermon

Here are a few sample lists I’ve created in the past.

Worship Set List Idea 1

Theme: Salvation

Glorious Day – Passion
Who You Say I Am – Hillsong
Yet Not I But Through Christ In Me – CityAlight
Honey In The Rock – Hillsong
I Thank God – Maverick City/UPPERROOM

Worship Set List Idea 2

Theme: Prayer

Battle Belongs – Phil Wickham
Open the Eyes of my Heart – Paul Baloche
Lord I Need You – Matt Maher
Sweet Hour of Prayer – Hymn
The Blessing – Kari Jobe

Worship Set List Idea 3

Theme: Holy Spirit

I Thank God – Maverick City/UPPERROOM
Rest On Us – Brandon Lake/Maverick City
Holy Spirit – Bryan and Katie Torwalt
King Of Kings – Hillsong
The Lion and the Lamb – Bethel

Create flow, and don’t stay in one key or tempo too long. It’s easy to “flatline” in your set, meaning all the songs sound the same.

It’s no secret: creating a truly great worship set list is a challenge. That’s why I’m creating a one-of-a-kind tool that will help you get started on your worship list each week. You might even find that it does all the work for you by creating your entire list.

The Worship Set List Ideas Tool

It wasn’t easy to create the tool.

The biggest problem was that every church does a different set of songs. Worship set list ideas only work if your church knows all or most of the songs.

But what I realized is that most churches use or at least know the top 50 songs as reported by CCLI, the major song licensing organization for churches.

CCLI’s list can be a bit dated, though. That’s why I also grabbed the top 25 trending songs from and removed songs that were already in the list of 50.

The result was a song library from which I could pull songs to create the set list ideas.

There’s a very good chance most churches will know the songs.

How to Use the Tool to build Worship Set Lists

Each quarter, I will put together around 28 worship sets consisting of well-known songs. I organize them within 14 themes and give two worship set list idea options for each theme.

Use the themes on their own, or choose a theme that matches the sermon topic.

I’ve constructed the worship set list ideas with dynamics in mind, too.

I usually create sets that start fast, get slower and more contemplative in the middle, then pick up somewhat at the end.

The beauty of these set list ideas is that, as the worship leader, you can modify them. Rearrange the list, remove songs, and add songs that only your church does. The set list ideas are not a destination but a starting point.

How do I Get the Tool?

You can have worship set list ideas for an entire quarter for one low cost. There are typically 13 weeks in a quarter, and I’ve supplied 28 worship set list ideas. You have more than two options for every week in the quarter.

This tool could literally save you 90 minutes each week for 13 weeks.

That adds up to 19.5 hours — half a work week — saved over the next 3 months.

Can I see a Sample of the Tool?

Yes. Here’s an example of one list from the tool. I include the theme, title, YouTube link of the version I recommend, and the tempo.

Quickly and easily put together your lists by using the tool as a starting point. Switch out songs that your church doesn’t know, add or remove songs, or use the list as-is. Any way you use it, it’s going to save you precious time.

I wish I would have had a tool like this in my 20 years of leading worship as a volunteer. Putting together a song set is tedious at 10 PM after you work all day and the kids finally go to bed.

That’s why I wanted to empower volunteer and part-time worship leaders with this incredible tool.

There’s a money-back guarantee. There’s absolutely no risk. And, all the worship leaders in your church can use it. It’s truly a game-changer.

Learn More about the Worship Set List Ideas Tool

You may never go back to the way you used to create worship set lists.



👉Streamline worship set list creation. Get 28 pre-made sets. Click here to learn more.👈


Learn more about LIstSuggest, the first-of-its-kind worship set list ideas tool.

ListSuggest Worship Set List Generator Tool

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