Finding fast, upbeat worship songs is one of the toughest parts of a worship leader’s job.

I still haven’t quite figured out why this is. Maybe it’s a lot easier for worship artists to write slow, contemplative songs. They’re certainly a lot easier to play.

When a church worship team does find a good fast song, it proves too difficult or ends up sounding cheesy or mid-tempo.

No matter how difficult, worship leaders need fast praise songs. The Bible doesn’t call us to sing only dirges every Sunday!

Not to fear. I’ve decided we worship leaders need a great resource to find fast songs.

So here’s a list of fast songs that we’ve done at our church or that I think would work in a church setting. If you have additional songs that work well for your team, leave some ideas in the comments. Your song could make it on my list. So comment away. Without further ado, here are the songs.

What I See. Artist: Elevation/Chris Brown. Album: Lion

You might think that fast worship songs are hard to play. Sometimes, that’s true. But Elevation’s What I See, released in 2022, has very few chord changes and often drones on the same chord for many measures. Even if your worship band is young or inexperienced, you can probably pull this one off in your church or youth group.

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House of the Lord. Artist: Phil Wickham. Album: Hymn of Heaven

Admittedly, this isn’t the fastest song ever created (86 BPM), but with enough energy, this can pass as a fast praise song in your worship set.

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Just the Mention of His Name. Artist: The Belonging Co. Album: Now.

While not the fastest in tempo, this song’s energy could easily make it a worship opener for your church.

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Ring and Robe (Welcome Home). Artist: Bethel/Dante Bowe/Naomi Raine. Album: Homecoming

I love how worship styles are coming together. There’s no reason there has to be “white worship” and “black worship.” This is a perfect example of both styles coming together in unity, combining the best elements of rock and gospel in a cohesive whole that encourage the whole body of Christ. And the fact that it’s a fast song is just icing on the cake. I’m in so excited for the future of worship.

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Sing Wherever I Go. Artist: We The Kingdom. Album: Live At The Wheelhouse

I’m loving We The Kingdom lately and this is a great example why. With their original lyrics, rock-country feel, and authentic worship, this band is going places.

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I Thank God. Artist: Maverick City Music & UPPERROOM

Here’s a truly upbeat song for your worship team or youth group. With a BPM of 130, it’s one of the fastest songs on this list of fast songs. If you want to shake up your congregation, young or old, try out this song in your worship set.

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Battle Belongs. Artist: Phil Wickham.

Every couple years, you can count on Phil Wickham to come out with an upbeat song or two that is playable and singable. This one isn’t terribly fast, but it has served me well as an opener for my worship sets. It’s also one of the best newer worship songs about prayer. Give it a try.

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My Testimony. Artist: Elevation. Album: Graves Into Gardens

This song quickly became a top worship song. I personally feel that the lyrics are all over the place, talking about a lot of different subjects within one song. And great songwriters know that you should stick to one subject per song. Still, it does have some good things to say. What’s the one thing that should give us the most joy? As this song says, that your name is registered in heaven.

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You Are The Light. Artist: Ovation Worship. Album: Ovation Worship Live

Here’s a song I’m super excited about for a number of reasons. First, I got to interview Colt Straub of Ovation Worship and he’s a super cool guy. Second, the song has a rap interlude, and rap is something more churches should introduce in a worship setting. Third, the song and album were written and produced by a local church in Oklahoma, USA for their own congregation and now, the world. If God is calling you to write and record songs for your church, follow Ovation Worship’s example and just do it. Check out more about what Ovation Worship is doing, and find chord charts and more at

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Might Get Loud. Artist: Elevation

A truly fun song that doesn’t overcomplicate getting loud for Jesus. There’s really not much to it, so your worship band will probably have no trouble with this song. It might sound like a bit much for a Sunday morning, but it could be just what your congregation needs to get them ready for the service.

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Oh My Soul. Artist: Travis Cottrell. Album: Spirit Rise

Although it’s about a year old, this song is still under the radar. While I thought the performance was lacking (vocals, videography, singers) the song itself is actually pretty good and could be a good addition to your fast song repertoire.

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This Changes Everything. Artist: Jon Egan. Album: Unveil

My church has been doing this song for quite some time and people can really worship to it. I’m so glad Jon Egan included this powerful, fast worship song as the second track of the album “Unveil.” The song tells how Jesus’ resurrection changed everything for the lives of believers.

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God So Loved. Artist: We The Kingdom. Album: Live At The Wheelhouse

Here’s another upbeat song from this acoustic rock/country worship band.

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Every Beat. Artist: North Point InsideOut. CCLI #7081648. Album: Nothing Ordinary

This song is actually a couple of years old but I just discovered it and thought it was a good one to add here. This song is from the same album as “Death Was Arrested” which we’ve done a million times at my church, but somehow never did this one. So here’s a great one to teach your church if you missed it like I did.

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Never Get Over It. Artist: Michael Neale. CCLI #7127416. Album: Foundation

I really like the sound of Michael Neale’s voice and style. With the incorporation of horns, the sound is something you don’t hear in worship music every day. Plus this song’s lyrics are fresh, avoiding the typical worship song cliches. It’s also one of the best worship songs about forgiveness that I’ve heard in a while. Well done, Michael.

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Inhabit. Artist: Leeland. CCLI #7133705. Album: Better Word

This song admittedly starts off mid-tempo but it does get going. Plus, there’s not a lot of lyrics, making it an easy one for worship teams and congregations to learn.

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Let Go. Artist: Hillsong Young & Free. CCLI #7108455. Album: III

This song might be more suitable for youth groups than adult services, but it could work in just about any setting by customizing the arrangement and instrumentation. Hillsong Y&F is pushing the limits of worship music. If you want to hear what “mainstream” adult worship will sound like in 5 years, listen to the Y&F album simply called “III”.

YouTube video

Freedom. Artist: Jesus Culture. CCLI #7078151. Album: Living With A Fire

So, I know this list features a lot of Jesus Culture songs, but they seem to be one of the few groups putting out upbeat worship songs these days. Here’s a fast one from the reigning champs of worship music.

YouTube video

Hindsight. Artist: Hillsong Young & Free. CCLI #7109515. Album: III

Here’s another Hillsong Y&F tune. What I like about this group is that they are not afraid to write non-cliche lyrics — and lyrics that sound a lot like people talk (but slightly more artistic). For instance, “I don’t need to know what the future says / ‘Cause if the past could talk it would tell me this.” That’s pretty good song writing, especially for worship music which tends to mention things like mountains, valleys, darkness, light. Those are all good topics, but overused in worship music. Good on Y&F for breaking that mold. This song is a good example of their songwriting prowess.

YouTube video

Zeal. Artist: The Belonging Co. CCLI #7085967. Album: All the Earth

Wow – I haven’t heard a new fast worship song quite like this since the early Hillsong United albums. I don’t know much about The Belonging Co., but no doubt I will soon.

YouTube video

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Grace On Top Of Grace. Artist: Fellowship Creative. CCLI #7040862. Album: Eclipsed

This is a fast, easy song and you can even work in “Amazing Grace” as they do in this version. Although this song is a couple years old now, it’s still sounds fresh and could work in your church in 2021.

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Louder. Artist: Immerse Worship

This was a song submitted by a member of the Worship Deeper community. Calvary Church in North Carolina recorded this live at a worship night, and sent it along. It’s quite good! They even sent an MP3 and chord chart that anyone can download. (Do that here). Do you have a song you’d like to submit? See how to get your song in front of thousands of worship leaders here.

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Again, if you have fast songs that work at your church, please share. I’ll post the good ones to this list. Let’s come together and support one another’s ministries.

Open Up The Heavens. Artist: Meredith Andrews. CCLI # 6304702. Album: Worth It All

This one is rising up the ranks on CCLI’s top songs list. Great to see a female-led worship song that’s upbeat. I had a comment (see below) that there aren’t many females on the list. Agreed! Female worship leaders: start writing fast songs so I can feature you on my list.

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Well, that’s it for now but please keep the suggestions coming. I’ll add the good ones to the list.

If you’d like to be updated when I post new fast songs to this list, leave a comment below.

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