Worship Songs about Forgiveness

Worship Songs about Forgiveness for Your Church in 2023

Here are worship songs about forgiveness for your church. This list will help you find songs around this theme if you’re a worship leader or pastor who needs songs to fit a sermon series. Or, you might just want to teach your congregation about forgiveness through musical worship.

List of Worship Songs About Forgiveness

Below is a list of the best songs about forgiveness for churches today. These are songs your church will love to sing and that the worship team will have no trouble learning. Enjoy!

Forgiven by Crowder

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Amazing Love by Hillsong

Even though this is an older song, it still has a great message about Christ’s forgiveness.

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Where Forgiveness Is by Sidewalk Prophets

This worship song is about forgiving others and could work well paired with a sermon on the same topic.

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Holy Water by We The Kingdom

The verse drives the point home: Your forgiveness / Is like sweet sweet honey on my lips.”

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Forgiven by Bethel Music

Best lyric: “I am forgiven at the foot of the cross.”

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Jesus Paid it All by Kristian Stanfill

This song is a newer version of an old hymn. The message is clear: Jesus forgave our sins — he washed them white as snow.

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Grace Greater by Travis Cottrell

Travis Cottrell brings a newer song about God’s forgiveness of our sins. I’ve used it many times in my church and it’s a very singable, learnable song for congregations.

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Amazing Grace (My Chains are Gone) by Chris Tomlin

There’s perhaps no greater song about forgiveness than Amazing Grace. Here’s Chris Tomlin’s modern version which adds a powerful chorus.

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O Come To The Altar by Elevation

Lyric: “Forgiveness was bought with the precious blood of Jesus Christ.”

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Do you know more worship songs about forgiveness? Leave them in the comments below and I’ll add them to the list!

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