Album Review - You Are My Hiding Place

Album Review: You Are My Hiding Place by Lenny Smith

Serving Up Nostalgia

I typically don’t do album reviews.

But when the writer of the classic worship song “Our God Reigns” asks you to review his album, you say yes.

Anyway, this is my review of Lenny Smith’s 2016 release “You Are My Hiding Place” released by Great Comfort Records. In it, you’ll find a healthy dose of Old Testament stories, Scripture, and worship that might remind you of being a kid again.

When I heard this album, it indeed did remind me of going to church when I was eight or so, and brought back not a few nostalgic feelings.

The style reminds me of the best of the 70s and 80s. One part Keith Green and one part¬†Puff the Magic Dragon. And don’t write this album off as “old school” or dated. Remember that retro is in, and this album encapsulates those sounds like modern artists just can’t.

Also in this record, you’ll find the lost art of weaving Scripture — sometimes even obscure Scripture — into lyrics. Sometimes (I think) the lyrics are word-for-word recitations of the Word, which makes listening to these songs a means of memorizing passages.

A Kid’s Album In Lenny’s Future?

I would say that this album is also great for kids. It features children singing, sure, but it also has easy-to-sing tunes that kids would love.

In fact, I think Lenny should come out with a kids album next, that features straight-up Scripture. Talk about a great way to get your kids to learn the Bible.

Anyway, give this album a listen. Take my advice: Listen to it all the way through. It’s 40 minutes. I feel that you have to hear the whole thing to appreciate my review here. The album is available on Spotify.¬†Once you’ve done that, let me know what you think in the comments below!

Featured image via Andrei Bocan/Unsplash

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