Church Sound EQ Worship Mix Interview With Kade Young

Church Sound, EQ, & Worship Mix with Kade Young of Collaborate Worship (Podcast Ep. 32)


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In this episode, I have Kade Young of to talk about how to get great sound at your church.

Here are some main points of our conversation!

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How did you start as a worship leader and how did you get into training worship teams online?

Kade started teaching about worship, tech, and sound to friends of his. Eventually, he put together a website where anyone who asked could check out his advice and tips. Soon, thousands of people per month were visiting the site that he set up just for people he knew who wanted to learn about how to run great sound.

You focus a lot of your training on church sound. Why did you choose this aspect of worship for the focus of your training and resources?

This is where all the interest was on his website. Rather than trying to cover everything, Kade decided to focus on the thing that people seemed most interested in. In his case, it was running sound at churches.

What are some of the biggest sound mistakes you see churches making?

Most churches think they need better gear before they start to learn how to create great sound. But most churches can improve their sound tremendously by learning how to use the equipment they have. Every soundboard has a “gain” knob. If you learn how to use this knob properly, your sound will improve 100% — no equipment required.

How do you find and train sound staff?

Look for anyone who is at all interested. Believe the best in them, that they can learn and support the ministry through this interest. You’d be surprised at how fast people can learn and how well they can run sound if they put in a little time and effort.

How do you organize and manage the team to make sure the right things happen each Sunday?

Set expectations and stick to them. Never say “That’s okay” when someone is late. It’s not okay. They will feel the discomfort of letting someone down and be on time and ready the next time.

What are 2-3 pieces of gear you would look at getting or upgrading first if you’re on a small budget?

Look at the Behringer X32 digital soundboard. For $1700, you get all the effects and capabilities that boards ten times the cost could do just 5 or 10 years ago.

What are some great resources if someone wants to get started running sound, or improve their skills?

You have an EQ crash course and a Behringer X32 course, take us through what folks can expect to learn from them.

Where can people find you?

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