Best Worship Blogs By Real Worship Leaders

5 Worship Blogs By Real Worship Leaders For 2018 (That You Should Read)

Advice From Worship Leaders In The Trenches

As a worship leader, you’re not alone.

There are thousands of worship leaders out there from whom to glean advice and encouragement.

A few of those worship leaders even run uber-helpful blogs. This makes it easier to get mentored by a worship leader with a little different perspective or more maturity in some area.

Here are 5 of the best worship blogs from real, active, week-in-week-out worship leaders.

There are, of course, more great blogs out there, so leave a message in the comments if you know of more.

1. Collaborate Worship

Kade Young Collaborate WorshipKade Young at Collaborate Worship is quite the talent. He not only leads worship, but is also a sound/tech and all-around worship expert.

What I like about this blog is a variety of resources found therein. Sure, it has a blog covering relevant subjects. But you can also find keyboard tutorials, chord charts, sound training courses, and MainStage Patches.

Collaborate Worship also runs a vibrant Facebook community in which the latest resources and blog posts are shared.

Check out this website for new and different perspectives on worship.

2. Chris From Canada

Chris From CanadaOkay, I’ll admit that Chris From Canada is a weird name for a worship blog, but if you check it out you’ll discover it’s one of the best resources for worship leaders anywhere on the interwebs.

It has been a Worship Leader Magazine Editor’s Pick two years running, and it’s easy to see why.

Chris Vacher puts together in-depth, thought-out blog posts, as well as ebooks, such as the best apps for worship leaders. He’s been leading worship for 20 years and it comes through in his material.

And he always posts “Pinnable” images with text overlays. That makes it easy to share his articles on Pinterest, Facebook, and other social media platforms.

Get to know this Chris and his blog, and learn from his experience.


3. Beyond Sunday Worship

David SantistevanDavid Santistevan runs Beyond Sunday Worship, a polished website that features blog posts as well as podcasts.

But what really impressed me about this website is the podcast. David has interviewed the biggest names in worship leading: from members of Jesus Culture to Phil Wickham to Bob Kauflin.

He also interviews many worship leaders you may not have heard of, but run huge ministries and from whom leaders of smaller churches can learn.

More than 130 podcasts in, David is still bringing weekly shows to your earbuds. That’s very difficult to do, and takes significant planning, time, and commitment.

But he does it — not to name drop, but to equip regular worship leaders. His podcast covers subjects like music theory, leadership, hymns, sound design…just about anything you can think of.  Check it out here!

4. All About Worship

Michael FarrenMichael Farren and the crew at All About Worship bring a killer blog and podcast to the worship leading world.

It’s no surprise.

This website is built from the ground up to inspire and equip local worship leaders.

The posts are honest and fresh. With topics like “Why worship keeps you from being a hypocrite” to an “open letter from worship leader to pastor,” this blog keeps it real.

The podcast is fantastic, too. Check out all 180 or so episodes for worship wisdom from some of the world’s top worship leaders.

But don’t think that, because the website features big names that it’s not focused on the local worship leader. What impresses me about this blog and podcast is that it never strays from its core mission: to empower the everyday worship leader and worship pastor.

5. Worthily Magnify

Jamie Brown Worthily MagnifyYou know a blog is going to be good when an Anglican dude starts talking about including songs from 2016 and 1811 into the same service and how you should too.

Worthily Magnify by Anglican Director of Worship and Arts Jamie Brown brings a unique perspective to worship leaders.

Brown is honest — at times painfully so — as seen in a recent post “Growing In Your Unflappability” when he talks about:

  • The time one of my instrumentalists went on a profanity-laced tirade just minutes before our service was supposed to start, in front of the whole worship team
  • The time our computer than ran our projected lyrics completely failed, thus causing me to change the entire song list at the last minute to exclusively songs out of the hymnal
  • The time I was walking up on stage and a matriarch of the congregation stopped me to angrily demand I stop repeating the choruses so often

That’s good stuff, and no doubt experiences not unlike those many worship leaders have faced.

I appreciate Brown’s posting frequency. It’s tough to post regularly, but Brown keeps his worship blog current by posting high-quality content a few times per month.

I recommend this blog to worship leaders who want great tips, resources, and general musings about worship on a regular basis.

Best Worship Blogs

No doubt that I’ve missed some excellent worship blogs out there. If you know of others, leave a comment and I’ll review, and possibly update my list with your suggestions.

Also, don’t forget to sign up for free worship resources via email. You can do that at the bottom of this post.

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9 thoughts on “5 Worship Blogs By Real Worship Leaders For 2018 (That You Should Read)”

  1. Greetings, spotted this site and thought I would post a page from my book, music the divine connection or divine deception. I always thought I was a worship leader. Man was I wrong.
    Many blessings to all….


    There are two kinds of worshipers that are placed on the platform. One that JESUS appoints and one that the Church appoints. Even though they both have a heart to worship GOD in spirit and in truth, there is a significant difference in the way they operate. The musician that has been appointed by the Church is instructed to lead the congregation in worship which places the worshiper in a position to please the Church which separates them from the LORD, for it is impossible to place your entire being in the hands of the father by focusing on how to get people to worship. That is not the job of the TRUE worshiper. That is the job of the HOLY SPIRIT, for no man or woman in the flesh can truly lead or show anyone how to worship except the HOLY SPIRIT. For everyone’s heart is in a different position with GOD and only the LORD himself can fine tune that individual’s heart to worship him. The one that JESUS appoints to the platform has been given instruction to focus completely on him and give back to him music that accompanies his or her heart. In turn the HOLY SPIRIT then establishes the environment of GOD in the house of worship. This is where the LORD’S ministry gets set into motion. Understand, this has been one of the most misunderstood tasks in the history of the modern day Church service. Many refer to me as a worship leader, and I am when I am implementing songs that are meant for PRAISE, NOT WORSHIP, for they are two completely different tasks. The one who takes on the title of WORSHIP LEADER only has an obligation to the church service first which places the focus on JESUS second. At that point the HOLY SPIRIT is no longer the navigator of your offering. You are.

  2. Thanks for putting together this list.
    As worship leaders and singers, we can really draw a lot of inspiration from the experience of others.
    Thanks once again for doing this
    Have a nice day

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