5 Places To Find Free Worship Leader Training Online

The hard part about becoming a worship leader is finding the right training. There’s a large gap between playing and singing at home and actually leading people in worship.

How do you cross that chasm?

Unless you have a worship leading mentor at your church, you’re probably seeking free worship leader training online. Here are five sources that I’ve found. I know some of these folks personally from when I was running my worship leader podcast, and others I found online, and some I created myself. I hope these sources help you in your worship leader journey.

1. Worship Leader 101 Podcast

Ok I’m a little biased here but I recorded more than 30 episodes focused solely on training new worship leaders. Listen to each episode starting at Episode 1 to learn how to start leading worship. Start listening here.

2. Book: Learn to Lead Worship in 14 Days

This is a free resource that gets you leading worship fast if you’ve never done it before, or improves your skill if you have. It’s a free downloadable PDF book of more than 80 pages full of worship leading knowledge, a journal, a music theory worksheet, and more. Download the book here.

3. Leading Worship Well YouTube channel

Spencer Cormany has put together an amazing resource at his YouTube channel where he has more than 25,000 subscribers. Spencer has worship leading training, guitar tutorials and more, all for free.

4. Churchfront YouTube Channel

Jake Gosselin, creator of Churchfront, has massive expertise in so many aspects of worship: theological, practical, and technical. No matter where you are in your worship leading journey, there’s something on his YouTube channel for you. And, for those who want to invest a little more in learning about worship, Jake’s WorshipMinistrySchool.com offers even more in-depth training.

5. Worship Ministry Training

Worship Ministry Training is primarily a paid online training but does offer free resources. It’s a great place to start if you’re deciding on where to invest dollars into your training.

Do you know of other free worship leader training online resources? Throw them in the comments below!

*none of these recommendations were sponsored.

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