Stage Presence in Worship + Recording an Album, with Colt Straub of Ovation Worship (Podcast Ep. 36)


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In this episode, I talk to Colt Straub, worship leader at Ovation Worship which recently released a new album

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Be Invisible, And You Might Become Visible

Being a worship leader should start with a genuine desire to seek God in private. Colt started worshiping God on his own to Hillsong DVDs. God eventually opened opportunities to lead others in worship, record a worship album, and much more.

How Do You Use Aspects Of Music Entertainment To Make You A Better Worship Leader?

You should have good stage presence to engage the audience to worship God. You are either creating energy or taking it away.

Good worship involves creating an atmosphere where people can meet God. Use elements of entertainment to facilitate that — good song flow, eye contact, and confidence.

How should Someone stop being nervous when leading worship?

There’s no way to not be nervous without repetition. It takes 10,000 hours of practice to reach “expert level” at any task. Worship leading is no different. Start with small stages like kids church and youth group to build your confidence, then move to bigger services and more people.

How do you develop excellent worship in your team?

You have to focus on the people first. When you invest in the people, it’s amazing what those people end up doing.

Second, you have to delegate and empower people. Give away your weekly tasks so you can focus on the bigger vision. As you invest in people, they become experts in the things that you handed off, and you can move on to the next level.

During the album recording, Colt handed off many items that needed to get done for the weekly services. That freed up Colt to work on songwriting, recording in the studio, and more.

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  1. kamuchacha Mulonga

    just been going thru some pod post on leading in worship and I must say, I was impressed. worship leading trully starts with abknowledging Jesus by giving Him the stage. A great leader does that because worship belongs to Jesus!

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