5 Ways To Find New Worship Songs For Your Church

5 Ways To Find New Worship Songs (Podcast Ep. 21)

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In this episode, I talk about one of the toughest things for worship leaders, and that’s how to find new worship songs for your church.

In Episode 18, I discussed how often to introduce new songs in your church so check out that episode. But that assumes you are able to find good new songs

So that’s why I wanted to review 5 ways to find new songs for your church.

1. Sign Up For The “Worship Song Of The Week” Email

  • This is a weekly email I send out with new song suggestions.
  • I review the song and say why it might be good for your congregation.
  • I basically do all the work for you and all you have to do is open an email each week for a new song suggestion.
  • Obviously, you won’t be able to introduce a new song every week in your church. But you should get some good ideas as you read the emails and keep a list of the best ones that you’d eventually like to do.
  • So this is by far the best way to be exposed to new worship. There’s literally no work on your part. I do all the work for you.
  • You can sign up below:


2. Get Spotify Premium

  • First I have to say that, as a worship leader, if you’re not paying for Spotify premium, you’re really missing out.
  • For around $10/mo you have just about every worship song available.
  • Plus you can make playlists and share them with your team, your church, or with the general public.
  • In fact, you can see a list of fast worship songs I’ve created that now has about 1500 followers.
  • But another cool thing about Spotify is that it suggests similar artists.
  • For instance, if you go to Phil Wickam’s artist page, you’ll see related artists like Leeland, Aaron Shust, Kari Jobe, and more.
  • Go to each recommended/related artist and listen to their top 5 songs. Spotify shows you top songs on their artist page.
  • These top songs are likely ones you can introduce in your church. They are probably the most popular worship songs that these artists do which is a good indication that many churches are doing them, and that they will be well accepted in your church.

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3. Planning Center Top Songs Tool

  • Log into Planning Center and navigate to the Songs section.
  • Hit “Add a song.”
  • In the box that pops up, hit “Top Songs.”
  • It shows top songs that churches are choosing for any given Sunday.
  • Go through the top 100 and see if there are ones you don’t recognize.
  • If so, listen to these on Spotify or Youtube, and decide if it’s one you would consider for your church.

4. YouTube Suggested Songs/Artists

  • YouTube is an amazing resource for worship leaders
  • You can find a video for just about any worship song
  • But the power comes from suggested videos
  • Choose any worship song and go to that video
  • You will see that YouTube shows suggested videos
    • I went to Goodness of God by Bethel
    • Suggested videos were
      • Raise a Hallelujah by Bethel
      • Whole Heart by Hillsong
      • God’s Not done with you by Tauren Wells
      • Do it again – Elevation
    • Keep looking down through this list until there’s a song you don’t recognize or aren’t doing in your church yet
    • Take a listen and see if it’s one you might introduce

5. Talk to other worship leaders

  • This is possibly the best way to find new worship songs.
  • You get to know what songs are working in their congregations.
  • You can talk about the challenges and successes they’ve experienced when using the song in their congregation.

Bottom Line

Finding new songs for worship is not as hard as it used to be!

  1. Sign up for Worship Song of the Week
  2. Get Spotify Premium
  3. Review Planning Center top songs
  4. Use YouTube suggested songs and artists
  5. Talk to local worship leaders

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  1. I love worshiping cause I fill relieved every time when I worship him, that’s why I really want to know and have more worshiping songs have been searching were to find worshiping songs and finally have found this, thank you so much and I want to download the worshiping songs of the weeks but I don’t know how, this is my first time here. Thank you so much you are the best God bless you

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