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What Your Job Is & Isn’t As A Worship Leader (Podcast Ep. 16)

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I had the privilege of interviewing Spencer Cormany of the popular Instagram channel Leading Worship Well.

In this in-depth conversation, Spencer and I talk about what your true responsibilities are as a worship leader. After listening, you’ll feel a great weight taken off your shoulders.

We talk about:

  • What you need to provide the congregation each time you lead worship
  • What you don’t need to provide, and shouldn’t try to, when you lead worship

Here’s a quick breakdown of the main points:

What your responsibility isn’t

  • Cheerleader: You’re not there to be exuberant or get people motivated
  • Rock Star: You shouldn’t take worship leading as an opportunity to glorify yourself
  • Making things happen: You can only provide an atmosphere of worship. You can’t make people worship, though.

What your responsibility is

  • Leading in musical worship: Providing music and good leading so that people can enter into worship
  • Opportunity to respond: People should be able to respond to God if they so desire.
  • Seek direction from God: Sometimes God will want to do something with that service that you’re not expecting. Be open to that direction.

We also talk about what success is for your worship time. After all, how do you know if you fulfilled your responsibility unless you’ve defined success ahead of time?

What does a successful worship time look like? That’s a question we discuss as well.

I hope you enjoyed this conversation with Spencer Cormany as much as I did.

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