How To Introduce Tech Into Your Worship Ministry

How To Introduce Tech Into Your Worship Ministry (Podcast Ep. 14)

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I got together with Jake Gosselin of to discuss how you can introduce tech into your worship ministry. Jake is known as the worship tech guru and he breaks down the best technology to start with, from pads to digital chord charts to loops and lighting. Even if you’re a new worship leader, this conversation will ignite your desire to use tech to facilitate and improve your worship leading.

Sometimes as a worship leader, you can get overwhelmed just by putting together that Sunday’s worship time. But it pays off to go a step further and learn about new technology that can enhance your worship leading.

In this podcast we talk about:

  • The most basic places to start introducing tech
  • Why technology can help you get tighter musically as a worship band
  • How tech can fill out your sound
  • What to do if the worship ministry is initially against introducing tech because they feel it will “replace” musicians on the team
  • How to introduce a click track
  • Why floor wedges/monitors are limiting your worship ministry and how to get on in-ear monitors
  • How to automate lighting and slides with technology
  • So much more!

I hope you enjoy this conversation with Jake Gosselin of Churchfront as much as I did!


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