Never worshiped? Try it now.

Never Worshiped Before? Try it Now using These Youtube Videos

If you’re a new Christ-follower, the concept of worship may be foreign to you. How does one start worshiping anyway?

Well, the purpose of this blog post is to give you an opportunity to worship God. If this is your first time, that’s great. There’s not much to teach you. Simply sing or even think the songs to God with a sincere heart. He’ll show you what to do next.

There’s nothing magical about these songs. They are just tools to help you enter into worship of the living God, wherever you happen to be.

If you are away from home or someplace you don’t feel comfortable singing aloud, I encourage you to bookmark this page. When you are by yourself, simply play the videos below and ask God to help you worship. He certainly will!

You don’t have to close your eyes. In fact, these are all lyric videos so read along if you don’t know the words. I tried to pick traditional, familiar, and simple songs to help you worship more easily.

So enough words. Go ahead and worship.

Worship song #1: Amazing Grace.

Worship song #2: It Is Well.

Worship song #3: Here I Am to Worship.

I hope you enjoyed worshiping. If you need any more help on your path to becoming a worshiper of God, feel free to contact me.

Featured image: Josh Felise

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