Worship Team Application Template

Free Worship Team Application Template

A worship team application sets the ground rules for your team.

It gets potential worship team members on the same page before they start helping lead in worship.

And, it defines your culture.

Do you want dedicated worshipers who take the role seriously? Then you should “hire” accordingly. Even though most of us recruit volunteers, you should think of it as hiring an employee.

You wouldn’t hire someone who shows up to work late, unprepared, and not knowing what’s going on. Yet worship leaders tolerate this behavior quite frequently.

A solid application process does a couple things. First, it shows you who is serious. Anyone who just “kind of” wants to be on the team won’t take the time to complete the application or corresponding process.

Those who are likely to show commitment will have no trouble applying in a timely manner.

Here’s our application process:

1. Sign the agreement and complete the application. Email or hand it to a worship leader at church.
2. A worship team member will contact you for a short phone interview.
3. If it sounds like you’re a good fit, you will audition with the band
4. Upon a successful audition, you will complete a 90-day trial period which verifies your commitment and compatibility.

That’s certainly not tedious. Anyone who truly wants to be part of the team can handle these simple steps.

Don’t want to start from scratch creating your worship team application?

Download a free worship team application template here.

Let me know how your potential worship team members respond to the application and process in the comments below!

Featured Image: William Iven

3 thoughts on “Free Worship Team Application Template”

  1. This is great! Thank you for the free download. My only comment is regarding the Dress Code (in the application template). There is a long list of don’ts for women, but the list is fairly short for men. I believe these should all be in one category as most of these things also apply to men (ex. clothing too tight, low neckline, shirt and pant meeting in the middle with no gap). These are as equally distracting on men as they are on women.

    1. Great point. This is just how we put this together, and it was actually created by a woman, so I went with it. I agree men should have similar codes because this one seems one-sided.

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