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  1. Hey I’m asking strangers to help because all my cool friends flaked on me…

    I was wondering if you had any instrument parts on the cutting room floor of your recording studio? I am very invested in using rap to create meaningful corporate worship in today’s church.

    I have the ability to arrange my own music but would love any little clips that do not have restrictions on usage to put together my own music for my worship tracks. If you know or are connected to anyone in the Southern California area that would also be helpful to connect with locals.

    Joshua C.

  2. Hey Joshua. I’ve never used scissors in the recording studio but I have the instrumental tracks to the album I made with my band some years back. You can feel free to use the tracks for whatever. You can download the mp3s and the lossless wav files by clicking right here..

    I’m not sure how rap-worthy the tracks are but you never know.

    Also you can check out the whole album with vocals on Google Play by clicking right here.


    Tim from Worship Deeper

  3. Thanks, I appreciate it! I will let you know how it turns out… had some inspiring moments the past two months and have a few songs in development.

  4. About a 1/4 of the way down, right after, “here’s all that in chart form,” you put G minor as #4 instead of G Major. That’s on the 5 minute music theory lesson…I just thought you might want to fix that.
    I don’t really want to post this, but this is what came up when I selected “Contact.

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