Worship Set List Generator

ListSuggest Worship Set List Generator Tool

Looking For A Way To Quickly Create Worship Set Lists?

So am I. That’s why I’m building a worship set list generator tool. Read all about it here. It’s called ListSuggest and it’s going to change the way worship leaders create worship sets.

My name is Tim and I’ve been a volunteer worship leader for more than 20 years.

One of my biggest pain points was creating a worship set list at 10 PM after working all day, spending time with my family, and handling life’s many other responsibilities.

What if there were a tool that could give you a solid worship set list idea in minutes? You could check it, pray about it, then send to your team almost instantly. That sure beats the 1-2 hours I usually spend on creating a list for Sunday.

I wish I had a tool like this a long time ago. Soon, it will be available to all worship leaders. Read more here:

Learn more about the ListSuggest worship set list generator tool.